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Positive Karma: Keeping my Circle Loving and Happy

It was a humid day today. And as i took the commute from one place to the next, my patience was wearing thin while my hunger for some food increased. I stopped at a nearby fast food joint expecting the usual impersonal service. But I was in for a surprise. 

The guard greeted me with a warm welcome. The AC was just right- it fought the humidity without being too cold. When I got to the counter, my original order was not available, but I had the nicest guy as my cashier so it didn’t matter. I changed my order into another favorite, along with an ice cream mix with KitKat. And it was delicious! Maybe it was my hunger. Or maybe it was because of the niceness of the staff that made the ordinary trip to the fast food more satisfying. 

As I was finishing with my dessert, I fished out of my bag a pen and a piece of paper and scribbled a ‘thank you’ note for the staff. :) It’s not often that I was treated so nicely, so I thought that I’d give it back with  a compliment that maybe they don’t get so often either. 

Kindness received, kindness returned. :’) <3

I filed my taxes today. Oops. I know, it’s a bit late. I entered the building with nervous knees thinking that they are going to arrest me any second because I am paying my taxes late. HAHA. But thank God, because the person who assisted me was so nice and even chatted me up about random topics. He asked where I worked, where I’m from, even asked if I have a boyfriend. We even shared a few laughs. Never thought I’d find an angel in disguise. 

Lesson learned: Never ever judge a book before you’ve opened it. Don’t let the fear of doing something get in the way. It’s the only way to learn courage. :)

Dear God,

Thank you for teaching me how to be humble, to admit when I make mistakes, and know how imperfect I am. But more than that, thank you for Your grace. Because even with all my mistakes and imperfections, I know I am loved. I know I am looked after by You. Always. :) 


Everyone you meet is fighting a battle.

Everyone. It’s not just me. It’s not just you. Small or big, everyone has it. It’s a given fact that life is difficult and unfair, most of the time. Ironically, it gets easier once you accept that as a fact. I think everyone has to start accepting that as reality so they can live a good, meaningful and life. It’s where every change can start. Because it will make you stop making excuses. It will stop you from having pity parties for yourself. Because really, it’s not just you who feels the weight of the world on your shoulders, it’s me too and everyone around you. The only difference is how we carry it and how we deal with it. It’s called ATTITUDE. It’s a fancy word, eh?

Maybe what I am just trying to say is, you may have troubles in your life, but that’s a given in this life. So don’t make it as an excuse to give up. Don’t make it as an excuse to do poorly at work. And don’t make it as an excuse to be unkind.

Use it instead to fuel you every day. To be more kind. To try harder. To give more. It’s a better way to live. It’s a happier way to live. ♥ 

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